Marine Engine

Company Involved: Hong Seng Power Sdn. Bhd.


Hong Seng Power is the subsidiary that caters to the needs of the local fishing industries as well as other sectors. It navigates the Marine Division by supplying remanufactured Cummins diesel engines  and prime movers in fire fighting and irrigation pumps.

Through our remanufactured engines, we are providing local companies and everyday Malaysians with essential equipment they need to make a living at an affordable price. This time, we are not only powering the performance of businesses but we are empowering lives as well.

-     International quality. Local prices
Engines are imported from overseas and remanufactured at our factory. The
use of local components lower the price of production, which are passed onto
our customers as competitive prices.

-     Quality guaranteed
All components are carefully checked against factory specifications to ensure
optimum performance.

-     Power for every need
We supply remanufactured diesel engines ranging from 115 hp to 1250 hp.

-     Full range of spare parts
We stock a full range of spare parts for all engines remanufactured by HSG.
This enables quick repair times and lower maintenance costs.